Patrick Stewart is Narrating What?!?

Click here to watch embedded media That’s Right! None other than Sir Patrick Stewart is narrating the feature filled, holiday update for Plants Vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. The new update brings not only the beloved thespian to the scene, in a delightfully Dr. Seuss-esque role, but also a bevy of new modes and maps.

First, players get to look forward to a new map, Oozevoir. This Splatoon-like map is filled with bouncy ink bringing some light aerial combat to Plants Vs Zombies.

Second, players get access to cooperative free-roam maps: Weirding Woods and Olde Town Hunt-A-Gnome. The former is a combat-oriented jolt through whimsical woods replete with talking enemy trees, while the latter offers puzzles to solve and treasures to find.

Third, this feature-filled update adds new two new festivals, Feastivus and Snowday, along with three new activities in Giddy Park: Treasure hunt, Bounty, and Coin Capture.

Finally, the update offers numerous small patches, listed below (text..

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New Resident Evil 3 Art Listed On PlayStation Store, Points Toward Another Remake

Following the success of Resident Evil 2 remake, a leak shows Capcom may have the next entry nearing release. Two new art pieces for Resident Evil 3 (called Biohazard in Japan) appeared on PlayStation's Japanese digital store for a brief period, which was collected by gamestat, a website that tracks Sony's software and applications.

One of the listings is clearly for the core Resident Evil 3 game, but the other is called “Z Version” – likely a deluxe edition of some variety. There is a chance Capcom could just release the classic version again with some changes, but the smart money is on another remake, which could debut next week during The Game Awards.

Gamestat's data also shows box art for the previously announced Resident Evil co-op survival game codenamed Project Resistance. According to the leak, Project Resistance will now be called Resident Evil Resistance. We may find out the answers to all of this during the Game Awards, but given the leak is out there, we wo..

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Issue Reveal – PlayStation: The First 25 Years

December 3, 1994, marks a big milestone in gaming history. On that day, the PlayStation launched in Japan. We all take the brand for granted now, but there was a time when some thought Sony’s desire to enter the gaming space was folly – including plenty of people within the company. It’s an incredibly interesting part of our shared history, which is why we’re proud to reveal that Game Informer magazine’s next cover story is a massive chronicle of the PlayStation’s origins and history. We talked with more than a dozen of the men and women who were present during PlayStation’s most pivotal moments, and they share their stories in a 24-page blowout.

Our story covers PlayStation’s prehistory, from the days when Nintendo and Sony were planning a CD-ROM add-on for the SNES, to the present. We spoke with some of the biggest names in the company’s history, including Ken Kutaragi, Shuhei Yoshida, Andrew House, Mark Cerny, and many more. In addition, we shed light on some of the lesser-known pe..

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Persona 5 Royal Finally Gets A Release Date

Click here to watch embedded media Persona 5 Royal, an expanded re-release of the original game, is coming in just a few months. The highly anticipated refresh contains a plethora of new content, spanning from brand-new characters to the addition of a new school term that picks up where the original left off, in addition to plenty of gameplay improvements and enhancements. Up until this point, Atlus only revealed a spring release window, but today it confirmed an official release date of March 31 for the PS4-exclusive.

Whether you're a first-timer or big fan, this is your chance to experience an already great game in its best form, so mark your calendars. And get ready to fight some injustices and “take your heart.” To get started, you can now pre-order the game physically or digitally. The Phantoms Thieves edition (pictured below) looks like the cream of the crop. For $89.99, it contains an official Joker mask, collector's box, artbook, soundtrack, limited edition steelboo..

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Riot Games Settles Gender Discrimination Lawsuit

Riot Games has agreed to a pay out a minimum of $10 million in a settlement of a gender discrimination class-action lawsuit, according to the LA Times. The settlement still has to be approved by the court.

Those in the class-action lawsuit will get an amount of money based on “their tenure, length and status,” as an employee. The plaintiffs' lawyer, Ryan Saba, said that the settlement's overall amount was partly determined by the existing gulf in salary between women and men at Riot, according to Kotaku.

The lawsuit arose out of allegations last year (from an exposé by Kotaku) of sexist treatment of female employees and a toxic, misogynistic workplace culture. This led to lawsuits, which sparked an attempt by Riot to change the company's workplace culture.

However, this wasn't without controversy, as employees walked out when it was discovered that Riot was trying to change its sexual harassment and assault policies to force disputes into private arbitration inst..

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Take Your First Look At Marvel’s Black Widow

Click to watch embedded media Set after the events of Captain America: Civil War, theatergoers will get see Natasha Romanoff in action perhaps for the last time. Black Widow opens on May 1, 2020, and is the first of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's “Phase Four.” Scarlett Johansson reprises her role and is joined by a few familiar faces in this trailer.

There's a chance this story will give us a hint of what is coming next to the MCU, but it will most likely bring us deeper into the backstory of one of the core Avengers, and also give us a full picture of her Black Widow program, which could be something that moves forward. We also get our first look at David Harbour (Stranger Things) as the Red Guardian, which is well worth watching the trailer for.

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