Neptune Founder


Neptune Founder



That Gamer 26

A member of the community who joined the staff team at the start of 2019 to see it grow. I am also extremely friendly so don’t hesitate to message me. My role on the roster is the Operations Manager – I oversee all staff on the server, issue policy and review management roles & guidelines.


DayZ Server Administrator.


Hello, my name is Thomas and I am from the MOST amazing country that they call Belgium these days. I myself am a Supervisor at Neptune Gaming. I have a passion for gaming but also for game making, such as mobile games and also game servers. I am a student at the HoWest in Belgium in the route of Cyber Security and Database administration. Besides studying I also work as a Part-Time Web Developer and Quality Assurance Specialist in mobile game companies and communities. But I also do regularly work as a Discord developer to create servers and bots. I know that some may say: “Hey, discord developer is a myth and it isnt a real job.” Well I didnt ask for your opinion right. Besides the boring stuff like work I also play plenty of games when I get the time ofcourse, my main games if I could choose would probably be Arma 3, Rocket League and Rust. And ofcourse I stream sometimes but it isnt that common due to reasons, couch work,studies. And thats pretty much it I mean I am available for contact if you ever think you need help with anything related to discord, web development and anything else technical.


DayZ Server Administrator.


Hey there, I’m Yasmin. I’m 14, female, British and straight. Neptune’s latest addition to the partnership management team.


Hello, I’m Mr Krow! Enjoy shooters, MMOs, and Horror Games. Been playing games ever since I could use the controller. From Salt Lake City, UT. Married and a father to 4 children. Stream to Twitch & YouTube


Heya fellow potential mates! I am called Tiny, and have been in this fantastic gaming clan since December 2018. Its great fun, i promise you, almost as fun as my great/terrible jokes. Anyways, I’m 16, from Sweden, and totally into MMORPGs. I’m friendly and perhaps a bit eccentric, but always up for a chat! I’m on discord 20 hours a day no joke, so don’t be scared to message, i don’t bite! (very hard at least).


I’m here to help the community grow! – Mya


Loyal veteran of the community. Straight forward and blunt, I’ll say it how it us and do not like to see rule breakers. Not very approachable, but I’ll get the job done just shout me if you need me.

The success of our community depends on the strength, determination and motivation of our Staff team.