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NeptuneGaming's PvP x5 Rust Server [PC]

Basic Information

Server Name: NeptuneGaming x5 |Kits|Homes|Clans|x5 Gather|Wiped 1 Day Ago|
Ip address:
Map wipe?: Weekly
Blueprint Wipe?:
Every Forced wipe
How to join? Look up in the Rust server browser NeptuneGaming x5
Or in console: client.connect
Vote for our Server: (Reward is 25 Neptune Coins, to use in our ingame shop!)
Live Map:

Meet the Administration Team

NG.Wildwire (ADMIN)

NG.Thomaslokere (ADMIN)

Server Rules

Rule One

No Hacking/Glitching/Exploiting,

If reporting a player you suspect of this, please try to supply as much evidence as possible.

Rule Two

Aggressive behavior is a part of normal gameplay in Rust. Toxic behavior is when someone’s actions start impacting the entire server. A prime example of this would be spamming chat.

Rule Three

Offensive material is a very subjective area. Signs depicting bigotry or offensive slurs may be removed by Moderators without warning, and potentially further action(s) may ensue.

Rule Four

To know the severity of the threat, it is important to understand the context behind the statement. For example, if someone says they’re going to “f*** someone’s mom” in all chat, it’s obvious that’s not a real threat. If the player is talking about tracking them down in real life or swatting them, please report them.


Rule Five

Doxing is the act of releasing the personal information of another player. This can include any real life information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. Players found to be doing this will be evaluated as to the severity, but ultimately, offenses of this nature are grounds for an immediate ban.

Rule Six

Make sure to follow the Neptune Gaming ToS at all times. 

Rule Seven

Hostile situations must focus on the role play experiences of both the attackers and victims. 

Player Commands

Show all available kits

Shows our in-game shop
used by in-game currency

Shows you your ingame currency, (NeptuneCoins)

automatically upgrade building blocks upon placement. Allowing players to upgrade their building blocks with ease, preventing the needed use of the Hammer.

Is a Command “/bgrade 1” (wood)
“/bgrade 2” (Stone)
“/bgrade 3” (Sheet Metal) (donators only)
“/bgrade 4” (Armored metal) (donators only)


Is a Building and entity removal tool 

Sends a teleport request to the player.
Accepts an incoming teleport request.
/sethome “home name”
Creates a Home
/home “home name”
Teleports you to a Home
/removehome “homename”
Removes your home

​./clan create <tag>
create a new clan
/clan join <tag>
Join a clan if you have an invite
/clan leave
Leaves current clan

Hope to see In-game